∞ SoulCustom ∞ Signature Drop Mala Beads

∞ SoulCustom ∞ Signature Drop Mala Beads

∞ SoulCustom ∞ signature drop mala beads are designed by you and created by OuttaMyCocoon. Design your mala beads from a variety of gemstones and add-ons for additional SoulCustom vibes. Your mala beads will be eclectic, unique and always of one of a kind!


1. Refer to the gemstone beads list in photo #3 and choose up to 4 gemstones and include them within the Custom Text box.  We use 8mm gemstone beads for our customs, however 6mm are available for order at additional cost. Include this inquiry in your Custom Text box and you will be invoiced separately post-ordering.

2. Select your knotting thread, guru bead, signature drop items and add-ons (will be invoiced separately post-ordering for any up-charged items selected).

3. We will be in touch via email to complete the design process of your mala beads. Gemstone guru beads, gemstone beads that must be custom ordered and any talisman's to be found will add 2 weeks onto delivery time.*


.. allow yourself to flourish on your journey through self-evolution ;

    $166.00 Regular Price
    $133.00Sale Price
    color of knotting thread
    guru bead
    signature drop items
    add-on items
    $add-on items
    mala length

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