OuttaMyCocoon ™ 

 Inspired by metaphysics, OuttaMyCocoon creates eclectic gemstone jewelry,

including - SoulCustom designed mala beads and braceletsSignature drop mala Beads,

Traditional Tassel mala beads, signature Connection

yin | yang, Balance & 7chakras bracelets.

| Wholesale |

interested in purchasing wholesale quantities of OuttaMyCocoon ™ signature bracelets? 


Consigning OuttaMyCocoon ™ signature mala beads?

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| Bartering |

Are you an artist or enthusiast who has something valuable to offer and would like to barter [no money exchange] for OuttaMyCocoon signature products? Contact us here to submit a request. Please note, all requests will not be accepted.  

currently seeking:

wooden jewelry stands (Koa & rose especially!) 

Unique and one of a kind 3 hole guru beads

natural gemstone beads: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm 

Untreated Rudraksha seeds, Lotus seeds, Jobs Tears and lava rock beads


Contact us here to submit a request.

Thank You ∞

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